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Buy A Blog – The Benefits

Buy A Blog – The Benefits

Have you ever wondered how to buy a blog? Many of you, like I was, are skeptical of buying a blog for various reasons. Maybe you are thinking that you can create a profitable blog on your own or that you aren't trusting enough to send money to a complete stranger. Perhaps there are other reasons that have kept you from even considering buying a blog. If I had to guess, the number one reason why you would probably avoid buying a blog is because you haven't considered the benefits of buying a blog. I recently purchased my first blog (after establishing several others) and I want to lay out the benefits of buying a blog and why you should consider it too.

Benefits of Buying a Blog

As we all know, running a blog can take a lot of time. Managing a blog is not just about writing great content – although that's a huge part of it. It's also about promoting your blog, networking, negotiating with advertisers, getting google to prioritize your posts in searches, and the list goes on. Running a blog may be tiresome, but building up a blog from scratch is even more so. One of the best benefits of buying a blog is that you get an already established blog. This in itself, is multifaceted and I want to parse this out a bit more.

Less Time Investment: If you have been around the blogging world long enough, you may know that the thing that people lack is not money, but time. Many bloggers (like myself) work full-time, so blogging is just a thing that they do on the side. It can generate a lot of side income and can even lead some to think they can do it full-time (like myself). Because you don't have the time to build up another site to where it is profitable, the best option is buy a blog. The hundreds of hours that it took to build up the blog to a profitable state is no longer required.

Instantly Profitable: In addition to not having to invest the time to build up a profitable site, buying an established blog or website also gives you the option of instantly making money off or your investment. The site that I recently purchased was making money within a matter of a few days. While I can't tell you how much I bought it for or how long it will take me to recover my investment, let's just say it won't be too long. There are many options for blogs to make money and you don't have to sit around and wait for things to build up to make money off of a blog that's been around for a while.

While these two benefits seem to be the most influential, there are many other benefits of buying a blog.