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My Blog Owning Strategy

My Blog Owning Strategy

Have you ever wondered about the best strategy to owning multiple blogs? Maybe you have create a successful blog, but have not been able to go beyond that one blog? While I have yet to prove that my strategy is going to pay off, I am really confident that it will show some results soon. I wanted to use this post to explain my strategy of owning blogs.

Starting Passive Income to Retire

I started Passive Income to Retire (coincidentally) on the day that google issued a pagerank. I didn't know it until the night after I started this blog, but I was planning on building up another site because I had yet to see a pagerank update. I had been blogging for almost 3 months and I was worried that it would be another 3. I figured that if I can build up two blogs at the same time, it would allow me to generate more income once I did get a pagerank.

To my surprise, 20's Finances received a PR3 that same day. I had been working hard on building backlinks to it through guest posts, commenting, and carnivals and I was glad to see results. In fact, it inspired me to put a lot more effort into building up this blog. If I could have two PR 3 blogs by the beginning of next year, I would be well on my way to earn a lot of money each month. It was shortly after I started thinking this way that I realized that I wanted to expand even more. In order to go beyond two blogs, I figured that I had to have a plan. Here's what I came up with.

My Strategy for Owning Multiple Blogs

I plan to continue to develop 20's Finances over time. I figure if I can keep writing quality content and keep people interested, it will only get better. As I continue to get better at SEO, I will get more and more traffic and that will equate to higher rankings. A lot of my income is coming from private ads at this point. This often depends on PR (pagerank) so, my main strategy in building up my sites is geared toward creating quality backlinks. I am not interested in trying to cheat the system, so I am doing a lot of work to do this.

My main focus with this blog has been to "kick-start" it with a lot of guest posts. My idea is that if I can get enough guest posts out there,  I will not only get my name out there, but will have that many more quality links to my site. If I do enough, I should be able to get a PR 3 before the next update. When I added a third site,  I am taking the same strategy, but a more relaxed approach. I hope to get it to a PR 1 or 2 by the next update, but I am focusing my energy on this site for now. I hope to have about 5-10 guest posts out for the third site.

The idea is that if I have multiple sites with a decent pagerank, I will at least double my income. I am trying to focus on some aspects of search engine optimization at the same time (by using keywords in my guest posts), but other than that my huge focus is on getting quality links to my sites.

With my main focus on building up sites through guest posts and carnivals, I don't have a lot of time. I am starting to hire out some posts to staff writers so that it frees me up to build up backlinks. I also spend time commenting from all three sites while also writing quality content. My time is quickly filled and it is a juggle to balance all of these tasks. According to my early retirement plan, I want to create this into passive income. First, I have to put in the time to build it up. Once my sites are established, I should be able to hire out almost all of the features and still have a huge income. While I can't reveal all of my secrets at once, I hope to show you how I am doing it over time – so you can do it too.