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The New Retirement For Some

The New Retirement For Some

Due to many economical factors pertaining to the masses and well as individual reasons many people are finding that the retirement dream may be out of reach. There seems to be a new definition as to what retirement is for many people. As many as 60% of people who plan on retiring from their current company plan on looking for another job to help supplement their income in their golden years. This number is up 3% from the previous year but don't be discouraged if you find yourself in this category.

There are many benefits if you continue to work whether you have to or not. If you are close to retirement that was probably the last thing you wanted to hear however, many people are finding work a satisfactory way to spend some of their time for the social and economical benefits. While many would at least prefer part time if available many still continue full time. Often new senior citizens feel they still have a lot to offer and are not quit ready to be called retired. This isn't all bad either if you view having to work beyond a certain age as detrimental to your well being. Studies show that health risks often increase once retirement comes so perhaps continuing to do some form of work is not so bad after all.

Working into your retirement can actually prolong your life and keep you healthy. A Harvard School of Public Health study indicated that in a study group of 5422 people that of those that retired, 40% where more likely to have a heart attack or stroke than those who where still working. It is an article that is well worth reading even if you are far off the retirement age. It primarily has to do with life changes that happen once you are retired. So either having to continue working or choosing to do so after your perceived retirement age may actually be good for you.

Obviously people still desire to one day stop working but I think the big issue here is preparing for it in many different ways. If one thinks retirement is just sitting around the house with the television remote in their hands you could be asking for more health problems and the golden years to be not that golden. If on the other hand, you can find ways to be both productive, have fun, be social and getting exercise, it will greatly improve your later years. I think a big thing is think of retirement as a change, not as a final destination point.