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Why A Large Queue Of Posts Is Important

Why A Large Queue Of Posts Is Important

If you have been following me for any length of time, you should know by now that I always have a large queue of posts for my sites. This is the only way that I can be successful at blogging. Many of you wonder how I do it – I wonder how you don't do it. What would happen if you got sick or got in a car accident or something far worse? Well, I guess your blog would have to get along with out you. While that may be okay for some, that just isn't acceptable to me. I'm in it to be successful and not let me readers down. It's amazing how much momentum your blog can lose if you stop posting on it for 2-3 weeks. Why let this happen to you? Here are some of the benefits of having a large queue of posts, with one that I don't think that you will expect (I know I didn't…)

Benefits of a Large Queue of Posts

No Last Minute B.S. – Many of you will hate to admit it, but in reality, we all know that life gets in the way of blogging from time to time. Sometime inevitably will come up and prevent you from doing all the tasks that are necessary to keep a blog going. When this happens, most bloggers that I know are forced to stay up late so that they can write a post. If you are someone who works well under pressure, this may be good for you. A sharp deadline forces you to produce something. Yet, if you are like me, staying up late and trying to pump out material that is also high quality isn't the easiest thing to do. Why should you be forced to sacrifice quality?

More Money – You may not believe me, but I have had several advertisers comment that I am one of the fastest publishers out there. 99% I can get an advertisement posted for someone within the same day, and most of the time, within a couple hours of time. Keeping a large queue in posts allows me to focus on the other day to day things that come up, like working with advertisers or your representative, replying to comments, cleaning out spam, hate mail, etc.

Proof of Authorship – Whether you realize it or not, writing something the night before can put you in an awkward position. I recently received an email from a fellow blogger. Yet, it wasn't the typical email. She accused me of stealing her material because my post wrote about the same popular store. Coincidence? I think so… she didn't. Here are some of her kind words:

"I cannot ignore that it seems quite clear that you have stolen the idea which I have written on and not given due credit to [blog's name] or myself."

What's a blogger to do when faced with this kind of accusation? This is a serious accusation and not everyone can prove their innocence. Luckily, my strong commitment to keeping a large queue came in handy. I informed her that I write all of my articles 3-4 weeks in advance. I was able to view the revisions in wordpress for that post and send her a printscreen, showing that my original and final revision were well before the date of her article that she thought I stole the idea from. Score another point for me! It also helped that the posts were completely different and that I hadn't visited the site since she posted the material, but without the proof that I had written the post 5-6 weeks prior to her article being published, it would have been much more difficult to prove.