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Why Blogging Is A Respectable Business

Why Blogging Is A Respectable Business

I have a dream to make a decent income off of blogging. There, I said it. When I tell people this in person, most look at me in a strange way, thinking that I have lost my way. Some think that I just want to be lazy. Others are just curious how one might go about making money from a blog. One of the most common reactions is one that looks down upon blogging. While my friends are excited to see the success that I have already made, most don't understand why I can see blogging as a serious and respectable business model.

1. You Can Make Money with a Blog

Despite what people think, you can make decent money with a blog. It's not easy by any means, but it is possible. If you build you your readership and work on your Search Engine Optimization, it is possible to get hundreds of thousands of visits each month. While I am no where near this in traffic, I already have a pretty steady income from running my blogs. I have friends, who have been doing it for a few years, that are now making thousands of dollars each month – just from one blog.

2. Blogs focus on Content and the Reader, not on some product or service

While some businesses market products or services, a blog offers content. Sure, there may be ads on the page, but it's primary purpose is to provide a great resource for viewers. Traditional businesses have no choice but to market products or services that people could live without, using merchant accounts to process the transactions, and pay employees. With a blog, the business model is much simpler. Write great content. Build readership. Sell advertisement. Getting paid to provide valuable information to everyday people just sounds good. Who wouldn't want to do that?

3. "Everything" is Going Online

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that everything is moving towards online. In the past 10 years, more and more things have moved online. There is now online bill paying, social networks like facebook and twitter, news, etc. More people are spending hours a day online than doing anything else. It only makes sense to connect with people where they spend the most time. While some people question the future of blogging, it only seems reasonable for people to spend more time looking at blogs as the world is more dependent on the internet. It's hard to see it going out of style anytime soon.

While some people may question my interest in blogging, it seems to be a viable way to earn a modest living and focus on the things that interest me. I may expand my internet reach to provide other services, but for the time being, I am focusing on building up my blogs' reputations and traffic.